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Aspiring to the elegant lifestyle of classic menswear culture, and deeply fascinated by the art of crafting unique handmade items, I immersed myself in the world of exquisite leather craftsmanship.

Founded in 2015, the handmade leather atelier "Steven W. Leathercraft" integrates my lifestyle taste into the creations. Choosing the warm and natural hues of Italian vegetable-tanned leather. Handcrafted with full hand-stitching, exquisitely made, creating handmade leather pieces with an elegant and timeless style.

My creations are more than just leather products; they are customized handmade crafts with your involvement, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.



The painstakingly crafted pieces require genuine materials. From inside to outside, the use of top-grain leather is consistent throughout. The main materials include premium vegetable-tanned cowhide from the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium and carefully selected shell cordovan from Japan and Italy. The vegetable tanning method preserves a significant level of natural texture in the leather, exhibiting a warm hue and unique changes in color over time. Natural materials may not be flawless, but I present their most beautiful aspects through craftsmanship. While I don't pursue lightweight and softness, the pieces ensure a solid touch and superior texture.

Full Hand - Sewn

All creations are crafted using the traditional European saddle-stitching technique. A single thread, woven through two needles, crisscrosses through punched holes. I choose this method because I aspire for my works to be as robust and durable as a saddle.

Over the course of several years of use, the stitching may experience wear. I also provide services for replacing the thread and refurbishing the pieces.

Every time the thread is pulled taut, the movement of extending the arms requires a delicate sense of the subtle tension between the thread and the leather. Only with the right combination of skill and angle can the beautiful and distinctive hand-stitched lines be showcased on the leather piece. Each stitching motion, representing a mere 3mm progression along the thread, may not be fast, but it is the most solid technique.

Exquisite Detail - Edge finishing

Originally, the leather edges were coarse and loose. Through a dozen processing steps, gradually and systematically, they are meticulously polished from roughness to a shiny and transparent finish. This is a crucial key to achieving the exquisite texture in handmade leather goods and a showcase of craftsmanship in leatherwork.

The most significant difference from other common edge finishing methods is that I do not use edge paint, ensuring there will be absolutely no occurrence of edge paint peeling even with prolonged use. This is also one of the techniques I take the most pride in.


Customization Process

  • Browse our official website or Instagram to choose your preferred leather goods.

  • Please message on Instagram or email at to inquire about the leather goods and leather color you would like to customize.

  • I will provide a quotation, and if you accept, I will guide you through the selection process and help you decide on the details and specifications for your customization.

  • Alternatively, share your usage needs and scenarios, and I will provide recommendations based on your requirements.

  • Note that the latest creations are regularly updated on Instagram.

  • For custom-made items, full payment is required to complete the ordering process, and we accept payments via PayPal (+6% fee). After the order is confirmed, we appreciate your patience as we schedule your order. After the discussion is concluded, payment details will be provided. Please ensure that the payment is completed within three days at the latest.

  • The current estimated delivery period is approximately 12 months. If you have holiday or gifting requirements, it is strongly recommended to place your order well in advance to ensure on-time completion and delivery.

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