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Private Leather Class

1 on 1 fine leatherwork class in Taipei, Taiwan.

Overseas Private Leather Class 

I can fly to your country and conduct 1 on 1 leather courses in your place.

Leather work

Online Training Program

1 on 1 coaching from the basic knowledge, tools, and core techniques to a fine wallet project. Exclusive tools list, teaching materials, and technique consulting in the program.


"Steven Wu's online leather tuition course has been the best investment I've made towards learning fine leathercraft. The detail has been exceptional. Every single technique I know has been improved with Steven's guidance. I couldn't be happier with how quickly my work has transformed. "

​" Steven is a detail-minded and responsive instructor. He is always focusing on the details which contribute to his own style! Whenever I encountered the obstacles of specific skill, he prepared the video and pictures to explain and illustrate for me. It helps me better understand the skills and utilize them in my own works. Truly appreciate it! "

"I completed two of Steven Wu's leathercraft techniques and wallet-making courses over the last six months. It is the best investment I've made in elevating my understanding of the craft and transforming my practical skills. Steven's incredible precision and mastery of leathercraft is initially clear to see from Instagram posts. I only realised just how good his technical work is after taking these courses. I've never taken an online crafts course before and previously consider myself reasonably skilled and well-read. I didn't expect this degree of detail, nor did I anticipate just how much effort was needed to simply sharpen the skiving knife correctly before he was happy to continue to the next step. The attention to fine detail is astonishing - each step was closely monitored, each picture assessed, each stitch discussed. I feel guilty for the amount of time Steven invested in ensuring my work was to standard - I quickly learned there are no shortcuts here. Absolutely the best investment I've made into leathercraft and I'll hopefully visit Taiwan to do an in-person course on a more complicated project next year. Steven Wu is a master in his craft, a patient teacher and a gentleman. I've walked away with exceptional transferable skills, a minimalist and perfectly selected tool collection, an understanding of exactly what it takes to create work to Steven's level, and a mind full of ideas for new projects. I cannot recommend his courses highly enough if you seek to transform your leatherwork."

"As a leatherworker with five years of experience under my belt, I thought I had seen it all. I couldn't have been more wrong. Steven W's leatherwork technique training course was a game-changer, providing me with invaluable insights and refining my skills in ways I never thought possible. From the basics to advanced techniques, this course had it all. Right from the start, Steven's insistence on mastering the fundamentals was eye-opening. He demonstrated the importance of properly sharpening a knife, gluing, patterning, and edge finishing, transforming these seemingly mundane tasks into an art form. His expertise in edge finishing was particularly revelatory, elevating my work to new heights. The centerpiece of the course, a beautiful wallet project, showcased the best of Steven's teaching methods. His patience and encouragement throughout the process were unwavering, creating an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth. As a result, the wallet I crafted was nothing short of the result I desired. What truly set this course apart, however, was Steven's commitment to providing detailed answers to every question. His wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it made each interaction informative and enriching. This level of dedication is a rare find in a teacher. The course was meticulously structured and organized, ensuring that I had all the resources and tools needed to complete the wallet project and become a better craftsman. It was evident that Steven had carefully curated each lesson, and his passion for the craft shone through in every aspect of the course.
In conclusion, Steven W's leatherwork technique training course was an unforgettable experience that has forever changed the way I approach my craft. The lessons learned have left an indelible mark on me as an artisan, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to have taken part in this masterclass. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to leatherworkers of all skill levels – you will not be disappointed."

“Lessons with Steven totally transformed not only my way of crafting, but also my way of thinking. “I will teach you to think detailed” he said on our first conversation and that really stuck with me. Yes, he will teach you the best leather crafting techniques, he will disclose you his tips and tricks, but for me it was the attention to perfection of each, even smallest task, which showed me that dedication to what you do is what differs you from others. Steven does not stick to some lesson script, he is an open book for questions and guidance and it is up to you and your own curiosity to get your information from him. It was the best decision ever to have Steven as my mentor and an honour to know him as a person. To say highly recommend would be to say nothing at all. Just take his mentorship and experience it yourself!”


Overseas Workshop

Customized lessons for 4-6 persons /session in your place.

 If you want to host a workshop, feel free to contact me.

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